Safe Work Method Statement

Revealing The Purpose Behind The Safe Work Method Statement Requirement

When working on any kind of construction project, its vital that you identify all the requirements which are made of your company, before beginning the project. Factors which can immensely impact how your project progresses relates to the condition of the project site, requirements made of your business for demolition, the materials you would be using during construction, any equipment you may need, and the requirement to generate a safe work method statement. Every factor that is involved in the construction industry plays a crucial role in helping the progression of your project and completing your contracts on time. When trying to gain an understanding of what is involved with a work method statement, its essential to understand the purpose related to this document. The following identifies the four purposes which exist in the generation of every safety statement.

Purpose One: Outlining Your Safe Work Method

The first purpose associated with the creation of your safe work method statement is found with the outline provided with safety. Each construction process has it's own risks associated specifically with the requirements being made by a company, in order to complete a job. By identifying the risks related to each project and in creating measures which will help in improving safety on the job, you could reduce any risks associated with unexpected events.

Purpose Two: Creating Your Safety Introduction

When your company benefits from the first purpose of a work method statement by identifying the risks and measures related to safety, you have the possibility to take advantage of the second purpose of these statements. Safety is vital in any construction project and having a tool to educate your employees of what’s expected of them, pertaining to safety, can be a great help. The second purpose is to use the statements in order to serve as an introduction to safety for any individual who would be working for you or with you during your construction project.

Purpose Three: Meeting Any Legal Requirements

The third purpose related to the safe work method statement is found with meeting any legal requirements that may be expected of you from the area you are working in. This could start with something as simple as the necessary licensing associated with your construction project and could cover something as vital as the proper procedures when handling hazardous materials on the job site.

Purpose Four: Creating Your Work Program

Identifying the details associated with your project is the final purpose of your work method statement. This could incorporate your staffing, the materials you’ll be utilizing, your time pertaining to project completion, and the identification of any possible problems which may exist. You would be able avoid serious complications and improve job efficiency with the help of this purpose.

SWMS Generation: The Four Factors Involved

When it comes to the factors which impact the construction industry, one of the top worries of most businesses and governments is found with the implementation of safety programs. The utilization of a safe work method statement is something every company has to generate, before any construction project, as well as educate associates of the requirements made of them. When these statements are created incorrectly, it could often lead to complications which can postpone projects, as well as cost companies money. So as to limit the risk of mistakes related to the creation of a work method statement, it is important to understand the definition related to this requirement. The following identifies the four factors that define what’s needed from a SWMS.

Factor One: Construction Project Details

The first factor which is identified with a safe work method statement refers to what’s incorporated within your construction project. This can relate to the specific field your business specializes in, whether you are working on road construction, constructing buildings, or providing landscaping and gardening services. So as to maximise the effectiveness of your safety statement, you’ll need to clearly define what the construction project will involve.

Factor Two: Identify Activities Associated with the Project

The second factor that is incorporated into the work method statement relates to the activities that would be associated with this project. This can involve the specific type of equipment you’ll be utilizing, in addition to the various details associated with each stage of the construction process. This detailed information provided will assist you in the third factor associated with your statement.

Factor Three: Identify Safety Risks

The value of identifying the kind of project your company would be working on, in addition to the details associated with project progression, become important when looking to identify all the safety risks. The safety risks related to any construction project could vary based upon the project type, so having a clear understanding of all the risks involved is important in generating a high-quality SWMS.

Factor Four: Clearly Identify the Measures Taken to Ensure Safety

The final factor that's incorporated in the generation of your safe work method statement is found with identifying the measures your company is taking so as to avoid the complications created with safety risks. These measures become the responsibility of the company so as to guarantee the safety of associates, and any pedestrians who may be discovered in or around your construction project.

By clearly understanding the definition and expectations related to the generation of your work method statement, you can improve the chances of safety and lessen the risks related to project complications.

Industry Specified Standards For Controlling Hazards

At the earlier stages, in each and every industry, hazards should also be controlled by the method of diversity of different processes in order to provide better safe work method statements. As such, the one and only motive to be in charge of preventing hazards is to avoid workers of being in danger to hazards associated with physical work. It is then that swms comes into action. Number of work method statements is accessible for the putting down of hazard that is additionally resourceful. Nevertheless, with a combination of safe work method statement, it generally makes available a secure place of work other than depending upon an individual method.

Furthermost, for every part of the efficient work method statement of getting hazards is a better option to have a power over source by the means of getting rid of the  hazard. Previous to assume with reference to what limit criteria are required, firstly there is the necessity to get an idea on safe work method statements, in order to perceive whether there are swms difficulties in the place of work.

Additionally, if it is so, then some elements of safe work method statement should be considered for instance, how health and safety troubles are identified. Moreover, with swms, the company has policy on work method statements in order to look at the place of work, inspect complaints done by workers, study accident testimonies to mention some.

Consequently, safe work method statements make workers identify a hazard and then make them decide which policy will correct the dilemma for the most part successfully. Normally, with safe work method statement there are 5 important module of control procedures which are to eliminate, substitute, control engineering, manages administrative plus private defensive apparatus. Hence, work method statements for getting rid of a hazard depicts eliminating it to its root, and consequently to substitute is to restore the hazardous instrument by means of a decrease in unsafe item.
Anyhow, it is consistently better for SWMS to manage the work method statement intended for hazards in very close to proximity to it source as far as possible. Thus, utilizing safe work method statement as an individual defense is considered the slightest acceptable work method statements and the least amount of concern of the complete control criteria and policy available in work method statement. Nevertheless, some important hints to remember with safe work method statements are prevent workers to be bare to hazards plus defensive equipment  is the prime criterion of work method statement.

Know More On How To Have A Health And Safety Plans At The Construction Sites

Maintaining the health and safety of staff at the workplace is one of the utmost challenges that a company must face. Due to the increasing incidence of mishaps at construction sites, employers in the construction industry are required to devise a health and safety plan at the workplace.

These strategy are considered to reduce the number of lives that are sacrificed when a lethal accident happens. Health and safety plans are part of work safety methods that are executed by the employers to save the health of the workers. Prior to the implementation of a construction job, these plans are designed and disseminated to all those who will be involved in the project.

When it comes to health and safety plan, the very first part is the identification of the potential hazards at the work place. Even in the presence of caution signs, these hazardous areas remain the top spots where mishaps happen. These areas at the work site will be taken into consideration by the proper rigid authority so as to find ways to control and get rid of the risks. The risk assessment management will concentrate on identifying the specific procedures that are essentially part of the work as well as the machines whose operation may also risk the lives of the workers if not used properly.

In order to get to know what are the safe work method statements that must be contained in the health and safety plan, there are the set of details that the planners should know first. First, the constructions site address must be confirmed in full. All of the workers should know the exact location of the project so that if there were a need to call emergency help, it would be easier for them to give details on the exact area. Second, the health and safety plan should state the full name and the address of the contractor. Other details that must be included in the plan also includes the contact number of the main contractor, the rules and regulations in the construction site, the start date of the project, its estimated duration and the type of construction to be done. In addressing the risks of potential hazards, the plan should include other work safety method statements like those that the risks that the contractor is projected to manage and of course, the proposed measures on how to control them and the implementation of those kinds.

The other work safety method statements that should never be absent in a health and safety plan are the strategies for public safety and the emergency procedures which will be included in the training that the workers of the project will attend.

Once the health and safety plan is all ready to go, the contractor should continuously monitor the site and look out for other hazards that are not included in the plan made earlier. The identified hazards that are incorporate in the plan will then be rated in respect to the level of danger it may cause so as to establish a list of priorities.

Not just the contractors but also most especially the personnel should know this health and safety plan. every individual involved in the planned construction project should be duly notified if there are any changes made in the plan.

Tips To Prepare Work Method Statement

A Work Method Statement is a document designed and prepared by employer for their associates or contractors before performing the work tasks where dangers may be likely associated. It has the details of certain work tasks which should be carried out with control of potential risks that may arise in the workplace while performing the said tasks.

Regardless of the industry individuals belong, Work Method Statements (WMS) must be prepared and developed for safety work operation in construction, manufacturing services, food and health services, industrial services, and professional services. The preparation of this document ought to be based on the evaluation made from Job Safety Analysis and should be administered after consulting with overall management, industrial relations and other government bodies who provide beneficial information for developing the Work Method Statement.

Purpose of Work Method Statement:

•    Define a safe method of work for a particular job.
•     Control and management of possible incident whilst performing responsibilities (based on the history of incidents which took place whilst carrying out similar tasks).
•    Provide an induction guide which workers must read, understand & sign off before starting a job.

•    Meet standard needs for hazard identification, risk assessment and control.
Steps in Building the Work Method Statement:

In building the Work Method Statement, its crucial that all steps required are clearly included and defined.  This might include equipment, licenses, and the number of workers, skills and qualifications. It has to be detailed in describing the particular task to be carried out, and even the method to be undertaken to control potential risks.
1. Outline the activities involved - Each job can be broken down into a series of basic tasks to clearly define each part of the job and analysis shall be made for potential dangers.

2. Recognize the executor of the tasks - List the names of the workers involved in executing the listed activities and include the job description of each worker.

3. Recognize the dangers - List down the possible event or hazard as identified through JAS next to a specific task and determine which part of the task have caused injury to those with direct and indirect engagement of the task.

4. Write down the control measures - For each hazard identified, assess the level of risk to people involved and then list the control measure required to eliminate those risks.

5. Recognize who is responsible - Document the name of the person responsible for implementing the control measure.

6. Monitor and review - The control measures require to be frequently reviewed to ensure continual safety

7. Evaluation of Result - The individual observing has to offer evaluation of the result analyzed based on the observation conducted in accordance to the Work Method Statement.

All You Need To Know About Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or also known as work method statements is strictly adhered standards concerning on how to safely perform a work related task, such as operating work equipments where dangers might be associated. It explains in detail how specific dangers in the workplace would be handled. In simple way to defining it, Safe Work Method Statement is a predefined safety operating process and job safety analysis before starting any operation that can be dangerous in nature.

The Safe Work Method Statement can be made after conducting a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The JSA will check the components of every task, and identifies the possible hazards and control measures for each component of the task. Aside from the actual task, JSA also check the person performing the task. This individual shall be observed by the individual conducting JSA to note how the individual performs every task. Each and every hazard which might arise is noted and all reasonable risk control measures are put into place in response to correct the mistakes of operation. After all these, full risk evaluation shall then be completed.

 The info gathered out from the carried out JSA with corresponding action plans are then utilized to develop the Safe Work Method Statement, which employers must then utilize before a person performs any task. After stating all the methods of Safe Work Method Statement, its expected that all individuals have understood the danger involved before performing a specific task in conformity with the Safe Work Method Statement.
The Safe Work Method Statement has to include the following particulars:

Identification: The name, qualification and training undertaken of workers who would be performing the tasks.

Identification of work place: Name of equipments needed to complete the work, particulars of inspections which have been done or to be done in the workplace and equipments listed.

Work Description: Title description of each task to be done or carried out. The potential hazards linked to a particular step of the task. The step by step sequence of completing each task. The safety measures to be taken for controlling the hazards. Precautions which have been be taken to protect health and safety. Identification of regulations and codes of individuals who are involved.

The Safe Work Method Statement is considered a legal document which organizations and personnel should regard as crucial document for safety and smooth flow of work operation. And it’s very important that it is prepared with the organization’s logo and letterhead with the senior management’s signature of approval before delivering it the work floor.